Wednesday, 1 August 2007


At one point,
She knew she was happy.
At one point,
She thought nothing could go wrong.
At one point,
She was thinking too much.
[but she couldn't help it.]

it's the things that you do.


I am vain. So is he.
Together, we are the vainpots.
Together, we are the sohai[s].
Together, we are the fatso[s].
One's a sky high. One's a shinin star.
One's a stoner. One's a cakap banyak fella.
Both, the dunhill smokers.
Both, the Jim Beam Black kakis after work.
Both, the new age vampire.
[If you get what I mean]
Both, rares hamsters.
Both, loves pinky n the brain.
Hell, we do!