Tuesday, 17 June 2008

My bad.

I know. I know.
My blog is like so dead now.
Sorry for the lack of updates, readers.
Anyway, there is nothing much going on with me now.
Owh, well. Same old. Same old.
Work. Boutique. Work. Sleep. Shop.
And I also let two chances of joining SIA slipped away.
I absofckinglutely LOVE working in Starbucks.
Yes, that's very true indeed.
I may be lazy sometimes but I still enjoy making beverages for our dear customers.
I love seeing how they enjoy their beverages.
But when someone complaints, heh. I'm screwed. In a way.
But hey, I always make a perfect cup!!!
(Ish. Lemme at least be thick skin a while)
I'm kidding. but I do try my best okbyez!!!
Making drinks, part of it.
The main thing?
Yes, I am a coffee addict. But, a minor one.
What I am saying is that, learing coffee is FUN!!
Yes, you've heard me.
learning coffee is fun.
I'm on way to District Coffee Master level now.
And heck. It sure is not easy!!
Knowing that I hate presentations too.
(I tend to get my tongue twisted)
Nuff' for now.
I am patiently waiting for the next round.
Patienly waiting for KK trip to arrive.
Owh, well.
It's been a while since I last went vacation with them.
Did I mention I miss BALI???
Yes, I do.