Friday, 21 September 2007

Sejak ia pergi dari hidupku
Kumerasa sepi
Kau tinggalkan ku sendiri disini
Tanpa satu yang pasti
Aku tak tahu harus bagaimana
Aku merasa tiada berkawan
Selain dirimu
Selain cintamu
Kirim aku malaikatmu
Biar jadi kawan hidupku
Dan tunjukkan jalan yang memang
Kau berikan untukku
Kirim aku malaikatmu
Karena ku sepi berada disini
Dan didunia ini aku tak mau sendiri
Tanpa terasa kuteteskan air mata
Yang tiada berhenti mengiringi
Kisah dihati
Aku tak tahu harus bagaimana
Aku merasa tiada berkawan
Selain dirimu
Selain cintamu

Life's just not the same anymore.
If only there's a time machine.
To turn back time where life was nothing but all fun.
It sucks to grow up and be a grown up.


I miss those times when we were all so playful.
And no one would bother about us playin around.

Time flies...

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

boring siot!

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.


Mom just spent RM200 just for me to buy my shoe!!
And Dad spent RM100 for my dvds.
Now, I finally have the shoe that I wanted and a complete set of CSI:Vegas.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

I am so friggin lazy to post a blog.
But then it's been days since my last post.
SO, here goes........
Okayy. Okayy.
I seriously have got nothing to say.
You wanna know about my work?
It's tiring yet fun.
I love my fellow colleagues.
You wanna know about studies?
So far, i'm stil on holiday.
Nothing new.
You wanna know about my relationship?
We're stil madly in love and it's still growin.
Ooh, fck the distance. =)
You wanna know about my graduation day?
It was alrite. Almost fell asleep in the hall.
Lalala. And talkin abt this, I just remembered I hv not sing our national anthem for a long time.
Okayy, after the graduation, Shien came over.
Brought me flowerssssss.
Weeeheeeeeeeee. Such a darling. =)
You wanna know about my trip back to Penang?
So far, so good.
Boring, but good.
I miss you babyyyyyyy!!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Bonkers bout cakes in Klang Valley

Check this site out if ur interested in cakes.

One of the baker's specialty: Fresh Fruit Flan.

Hell yeahh, damn rite. =)

Trustworthy and loyal. Very passionate
dangerous. Wild at times. Knows how to
have fun.
Sexy and mysterious. Everyone is drawn
your inner and outer beauty and
personality. Playful, but secretive.
Very emotional
and temperamental sometimes. Meets new
easily and very social in a group.
Fearless and
independent. Can hold their own.
Stands out in a
crowd. Essentially very smart.
Usually, you ever
begin a relationship with someone from
this month,
hold on to them because their one of a
kind. repost
in 5 mins & you will excel in a major
event coming
up sometime this month.