Monday, 11 May 2009


Sunday, 3 May 2009

It has been a while, yeah? *blush*blush*
A lot has been happening and I am left so far behind from everything!!

Owh, yes!! Internal affairs are never ending in Starbucks.
(Not like there isnt any, anywhere else.)
And the scadals. Now, this one's yummy!! *grins*
Not to forget, new "very capable" DM that shall be named "S".
Gawd. Back to basics? You got to be kidding me? What century are you in anyway?
I have new nick name now. Teehee. It's called "Balak", given by S.
Here's why:

Kalau pokok dah bengkok, boleh di straighten balik.
Tapi kalau balak, skali bengkok, tak leh nak straighten.
Yg tue, kne gergaji terus.

which means..

You (You = new partners/employees) are new, so if you go haywire, you can still be taught the right way and change immediately.
But if like me (me as in michelle), already working so long, it's hard to make me go back the correct path way.

Need I tell you who said it?

And S wanna talk S.O.P with me. (S.O.P = Standard of Operations)
If S.O.P, where's your apron and cap?
Just cuz you're the boss, doesnt mean you can enter w/out apron & cap.
It's S.O.P okayys?!
If S.O.P, why are you taking your employee beverage in an Iced Cup?
S.O.P says use MUGS for EMPLOYEE BEVERAGE, take aways are only allowed if you have your tumbler.

Now, who's the bigger balak, BALAK TUA?

Dont call people names when you are not right yourself. Thank you.

First you say that I tried to steal the company's food.
(Chicken Finger Sandwich which is only RM6.90 before discount)
Then the next day when I purchase my food with the receipt stuck on the paper bag,
You asked my Store manager:

"Your partner trying to be sarcastic or what?"

Then, you said this to Partner A

"ko nak duk pun, bukak lah apron. jgn lah susahkan orang lain"

*Take note, A has been standing the whole time trough the extremely crazy busy hours and she sat less than 10 seconds*

Then when A did her work, S said:

"aiks? skarang dah busy pulak? tadi cam senang jerk leh duduk lagi"

Then comes Partner B.

She was making the blended beverages.
She shake the blender so that the drink was properly blended which was wrong.
B got lectured by S of course.
Then the next time when B was on floor and S dropped by,
He said:

"Sab, dah tak nak goncang lagi ke?"

B replied:

"Nape? Nak aku goncang ke?"

Unfortunately, S didnt hear her.


First, you accused me of stealing. When I gave you prove just so you can save ur time questioning the partners on floor one by one, you accused me of being sarcastic.

Secondly, you lectured Partner A for sitting and when she actually does her work, you apply your sarcasm by saying "Aiks, now busy pulak". Same goes to Partner B as well.

Sigh. Balak Tua oh balak tua. =.=
Just one month taking over Skypark, everyone hates you. Poor thing.
I pity you, I do.

Owh, did I mention that S said

"all of you dont have enough training, that includes your store manager"

I am complaining. Yes, I will. Me no coward like you!
Oooohh!! Big bosses visited Skypark on the 30th and guess what?
S hid in the back of house the whole time they were there and kept asking my Store Manager:

"big boss still here ahh?"
"what are they doing?"
"they chao already ahh?"

Balak Tua aka S = PUS*Y!!!

Gossip - Scandals.

Same old same old for those who are working in Starbucks.
Last thing I heard, she was acting like a boss in the store now.
Last thing I saw, they left a loaned partner on floor alone while they both were busy dating in the back of house.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Her smile was always an honest one.
Her laughter was always a sincere one.
But that very particular night changed it all.
Beneath her smile and laughter lies a very dark secret.
She's strong, they'd say.
She's cheated death.
She's thankful, he loves her still for who she is.
But the pain, she knows very well it will never go away.

Just us girls. =)
I just came back couple of days ago and I miss them already.
Taken @ Angeline's work place, Garden Inn.

and here's our first time in Red Box, together. =)
Happy Birthday, Joey!
We love her to bits.
It has been a while since we together. =)
Here's Joey + Me.
My cheecks are chubbier in this photo, no? *swt*
Angeline + Me, in her car. Lol.

I actually do miss living in Penang.
Is it because they are there?
or was it because I wasnt working for the whole month and it felt good?

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

You dont only fail as a lover.
You failed as a friend too.
I trust you, not.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Nothing means more than being in your arms.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Amazingly annoyed.


I'm back, again. =)
In case some of you didn't know, I am no longer in Starbucks SS15.
I am now in Starbucks Subang Skypark - in a store that I am much happier now.
(Though waking up at 6 a.m everyday is not a very ideal plan and driving back n forth can be really tiring)
Anyhows, I am really much happier working there, seriously. =)

But to some people, I am a pain in their a*s.
I need not mention the name. Those who work with me knows very well who this person is
(or rather who they are)
I mean, Starbucks Skypark is a brand new stores with brand new partners excluding the two seniour partners and the three ol' managers. Hehehe.

Is it wrong to teach those partners from wrong to right?
I dont care if you wanna "cheat" at work. But at least it looks tip top purrfect on the outside, for God's sake!
I was pretty grumpy one morning due to lack of beauty sleep.
It got even worse as I started work.

1. The blender was horribly dirty! (There were faded choc stains all over on all 3 blenders!)
2. The floor mat was effin sticky!
3. The towels were extremely smelly! (Not over reacting but I almost puked, seriously)
4. The bar mocha was as hard as God knows what. (Even harder than erected "Johny")

There's more and it's simply annoying! She has been reminded over and over again yet she's sooo absofckinglutely stubborn!!!

Next, we had this CMP challege (Coffee quiz, rather.)
We got into semi-finals and was very happy with that.
But but but.
At the end of our semi finals, we had a tie breaker.
Wtf. Wtf. Wtf.
The final question was "Write a description on Sumatra"
(Sumatra's a name of a coffee in Starbucks)
We lost. I'm fine with that if they played fair.
But nooooooo.
They were so fckin busy arguing over extra time, taking my team member's paper away from her and none of the judges saw that the other team was still writing.
I was like "OMG! It's so unfair!"
And this is what my team captain said "It's okay. His last answer's wrong anyway"

I know I am being over dramatic here but this kinda stuff is important to me okays?!
I dont study for a fcking "It's okay. His last answer's wrong anyway"!
You can at least show some leadership and stand up for the team. But no, you rather ignore the whole thing.
I know it means nothing to you but to some people, it does.

Is it so hard to stand up for something that you think and KNOW that is right?!


and I lost my sweater which I just bought on Saturday and wore for only 5 minutes.

Yours sincerely,
- annoyed, very! -

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The holiday seasons are getting closer!
You know the drill, people! =D

Psst: My hair's not much of a difference but it cost me a BOMB!

Horse Penis. Not a good view. Lol.

It has been weeks since Starbucks Grease Trap was cleaned.
I supposed it was since 16th November?
The day we left for Genting?
Or probably a few days before the 16th.
That's like almost two - three weeks!!
And I was being so hardworking yesterday and decided to clean the grease trap.
(Ok lahh. I was actually trying to let time pass so that I can go home at 6.30pm yesterday)
In my mind,
"ahh, grease trap should be alrite since Tivya was doing the middle shift yesterday"
When I opened the cover, I was "swept" away by the aroma of our grease trap.
It was disgustingly aromatic!!!
And best thing, the fungus were growing and the water was almost flowing out.
Eeeeww, I know.
I had to wear two gloves and slowly pick up those leftovers.
(It actually looked like placenta, like I know how placenta looks like. -.-)
Anyhows, it sure does looks like some inner part of human's body if you know what I mean.
It was gross! Disgusting! And the smell. Ooh, the smell is absolutely deliciously horrible!
I picked and picked and picked.
Then I wonder
"eh, why isn't the water level going down yet? I've cleaned the bottom part of it. Should be slowly flowing out the drain by now"
And when I took a peep from the top of the pipe, something was stuck in there.
Put my finger in to poke it and holymacaroni!!!
That thing blocking the water from flowing out, was HARD! As in H A R D !!!
So, I took a small brush and this is what I pulled out:

I not only found fungus in the grease trap for the first time. I also found:
* Horse Penis, quoted from Adrian TBK *
and yeah, I actually texted Desmond K. via sms just to accept this picture I sent him on MSN.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bored. Bored. Bored.

I'm bored.
Connection in Starbucks SS15 is as lousy as ever!
Took me an hour to get all the photos below to upload.
Anyhoos, here are photos from my cousin's birthday.
Was supposed to blog about it long time ago but it kept slippin of my mind.
Hehe. =P
Here's him cuttin his 25th Birthday Cake from all of us. =)
So comel kan his facial expression?
Here's him, pullin out all the candle and ooh.
Jugs of beer!!
and Kok Kuan smokin'
I wonder how Guiness + Tiger taste like. LOL.
Apparantly, someone puked after going home. Teeheehee.
And and and.. I didnt eat the cake. =.=
Fruit cake isn't my liking. =)

and here's the family. =)
Two girls, One guy. Two sisters and a cousin who has no blood relation with us.
and I only knew it on that night.
Sadness. T_T

and here's US. (me + adz)
It's so fun to have a cousin who's a hitz cruiser.
All the freebies and f.o.c. movie tickets. Lalallala. =)

and here's another.
Yes, all three of us are darn close only I'm the quiet one. =P
oooh. He's one protective fella, I tell you. Haha.

there're more photos but I'll just have to upload them later.
Later as in when Adrian goes online and send them all to me.

Owh. I got bored yesterday too!
And one of my nail simply amazed me.
See this angle.

Now see this..

and this..
and finally, this! The clearest picture of them all.
Get the picture? My nail is amazingly bended on one side. -.-

and while I was getting a back massage, the BF decided to mess my hair up.
and he was taken away by how he managed to mess my hair so gorgeously. T__T
and ooh!
I finally gathered my guts and shyness to put on my leggings.
and I wore that to Mont Kiara.
stupid. >.<

My very favourite pointy heels!
Teehee! =)


Saturday, 22 November 2008

Finally a store outing
where strangers (as in spouses, partners, friends and what nots) are not invited.
Yeah, this will be my 2nd store outing with only the partners of Starbucks SS15.
(family, they say. * grins *)
First was to Penang where it was an awesome one.
Now, to Genting. LOL, I know. >.<
Owh, well. The DM only allows a 2 Days 1 Night outing now.
How lame is that, kan?
I mean c'mon! We worked our asses off.
We deserve more, more, more and MORE!
as in M O R E !!
Owh, well.
"It's my decision to make" he says.
* roar *
Anyhoos, this is the lates pic of me with my hair untied.
Taken just the night before I left for my trip.
Still darn short, no? T__T
Ooh. Went Starbucks after the camwhring session.
Shuddup. I'm Starbucks addict, so?
Here's what the MOD a.k.a Modified Turbo Bear said:
You boleh bangun ke esok? I'm not planning to sleep.
Yea, right! * sweat kaukau *
Caption: Don't bother the messy room. Wahahahaha
Ooh. 16th November - First day in Genting.
Depature Time: 8 am
Meet Up: McD KL Sentral
* yikes! *
So, I slept at 4am and woke up at 6.30am.
6.45am - Received a text from Mariam
Mich are you awake?
6.50am - Received text from Mariam again.
Mich, can you call Tinesh? He's not answering. Don't think he can wake up
7.00am - Called Mod Turbo Bear -no answer-
7.05am - Received phone call from Ashraf (Ira, to be exact which I though was Tivya)
Wake up already ah?
7.10am - Called Mod Turbo Bear's hse this time.
Uhh. Yeah. Sudah bangun la sepet.
7.15am -Received text from Mariam again.
Mich, are you coming yet? Mom's making noise.
7.20am - Picked Mariam
7.25am - Picked Turbo Bear
and vroOm the lil wira went.
7.50am - Reached Sentral
7.55am - Reached McD and buhh. I didn't get to buy my Hash Brown.
Anyways, the bus ride was about 60 - 90 mins.
All was stoning and sleeping during the journey.
And we reached about 9am+ at (I forgot what's the name of the Cable Car Station)
The ride up was slow but we had camwhring sessions.
Ooh. Not forgetting, some vandilism too!
"Reza was here"
"SBUX SS15 was here"
Yeah, the guys brought Sharpie along.
(uhh, the lil black marker we used to do cup markings)
Reached Genting at about 10am and gosh, the weather is just lovely. =)
Went to First World Hotel and..and..and..
"Your room will be ready at 2pm. Pls come back again then"
* zzzz *
Head to the Luggage Dept and left all our luggages there.
Went to Starbucks and stoned.
Then the boss decided to get movie tickets.
Went indoor theme park and Ashraf came up with this brilliant idea:
Jomlah main bowling.
Wth I know. I almost doze off lookin at them playing.
The smallest fella with most strikes and the biggest turbo bear with most longkang shots.
2 rounds babe. 2 freaking rounds and I almost doze off.
Went for a smoke downstairs and it was pretty chilly then.
Yeah, left my damn sweater at home and the other in the bowling area.
Smart, I know. * sweat *
After bowling, we walked and walked and walked and suddenly,
it was only Reza, Mariam and I.
The rest were no where nearby.
Called em' up and Tinesh was alone waiting for god knows who in front of K.Rogers
Then we went to Starbucks as both the guys wanted to smoke.
So did I. >.<
Waited and waited and waited and slept.
30 mins later, came the other three.
Had some slight argument there as no one wants to decide where to eat.
Ended up in KFC, ooh finger lickin' good, baby!
My cheesy wedges was really cheesy.
(it even drool all over my thumb n index finger)
Now you know why I say "Finger lickin' good"
We went and check in after lunch.
Another issue popped.
and someone whose trip was all paid for by another told this person:
Don't simply make assumptions lahh
Wtf, yes, I know that too. Everyone knows.
Then while walkin to the room, this person overheard someone talkin about that issue.
Entered the room, settled down.
2 went out, leaving 5 of us.
(Regarding the issue and the 2 person who left, that I'll tell you personally)
Receive text messages from Jason.
"Are you guys done? We wanna go theme park already"
So we got ready, left the room without Ashraf as he claimed that he has headache blablabla.
Went Sbux as Jason claimed that he was there.
but. (u know lahh)
Waited. Waited. Waited.
6pm, Jason finally arrived @ Starbucks.
6.15pm, the other two arrived (Ash & Tivya)
Went in, and watch the rest enjoy their rides as I stoned and smoked.
Went walking with Ashraf and we stumbled upon this pond.
Fishes seem lil here aye?
This is where Ashraf threw a couple of his corns in.

Then slowly, more came.

And then we saw the "Fish Food" stand and Ashraf quickly bought one packet.
More fishes came.
* like duhh *

and more.
and here's my Corn in Cup that Ashraf bought.

and up close.
I was bored and theme park isnt really my thing.

and as the sun started to set,
the weather got colder.
That's when I started shivering.
One layer isn't enough.
So I wore two.
Baby Tee and Sweater.
(lingeries are included okays. -.-)
No. Two wasn't enough.
So I wore three.
(Macam lah I'm in some very very very cold place. T__T)
Baby Tee.
Mod Turbo Bear's Wind Breaker
Then Tinesh and Reza and Mariam forced me to join them for Go Cart.
but I have to admit, it was fun but my dang cart cannot pick up speed!!
The other three, as usual went MIA.
After Go Cart, Tinesh was making noise about wanting to sit Ferris Wheel.
Fine. We tag along.
It was pretty nice view albeit the mist.
Yes. The mist was gettin thicker and I was shivering even more.
Picture wasnt meant to be blur but I moved.
Heck, I love the lightings here. Teehee.

And the "firework" deco light.
Nice, kan?
This time, it's blur not because I moved.
It's blur because of the mist.
...and this is the Go Cart driveway.
With Dinasour Land Path on top of it.
Here's the U-turn where a btch almost slammed me into the side.
I was on the left, Mod Turbo Bear was on the right, not far away from me.
And she squeezed in between when I was about to make my U-turn.
..and the Carousel ride. Haha.
Unfortunately, only my ride went up and down while the other three were stoned.
"Bodoh punya lion. Tak guna punya lion" said Reza.

and here's us, after dinner at some mamak that we wasted our time.
Wasted our time walking up and down searching for it when it's in Theme Park Hotel.
and before we went makan,
one of the three that went MIA claimed that they waited for an hour for us.
We have been waiting for that three for like the whole time.

We were walking back to our room and at the same time complaining about the three.
Then when we were in our room, Mariam, Reza and I took turns to shower.
Mod Turbo Bear: Tonite, the three girls sleep on the bed. The guys, bawah.
He ended up sleeping next to me.
Was supposed to go for midnight movie but Turbo Bear and I ditched them.
We were extremely exhausted and we dozed off pretty fast.
I left a pillow in between so that he wouldnt cross his path.
But our friend, Ashraf took the pillow away.
Next thing I know, I got punched in the back.
Yeah, by Turbo Bear.
(I punched him back though)
and the reason of him being Modified Turbo Bear?
He was the only one tengah mengigau and snoring out loud.
Jason and Tivya slept in Starbucks.
The next morning I woke up, first thing I saw was Jason.
and I said "wow. you are back finally"
and when Tivya was done bathing,
she said out loud "We paid RM58.50 just to sleep in Starbucks"
(Wtf again. I know)
"I did mention about 2 diff hotels?" I asked Ashraf and Mariam
One, Resort Hotel with bigger room but RM300/night.
Two, First World RM169/night but very small.
I even said take two rooms and here's what one replied:
What for take two rooms? You think they wanna pay? One room only lahh
"I'm fine with one room. But I dont wanna hear anyone complaining" said mua.
True nuff, I so knew that girl was gonna make noise.
Ooh someone told me this:
"She was nice and considerate to think about you guys. She said "Nvm, let them sleep in peace"
Anyways, the rest of the stories, I'll tell personally if you ask.
Here's a pic of Mod Turbo Bear:
Caption: Now you know why I left a pillow in between?
and here's the boss, Jason Williams
and here's Tivya, the newest family member.
and Mariam who's leaving to US soon.
T__T I'm gonna miss my gossip partner. =(
and here's Ashraf who's always having sakit perut at work.
and the gang! =)

Caption (L-R):
Mchlle, Ash, Reza @ Abg Donkey, Mariam @ Mary-m, Tinesh @ Turbo Bear, Tivya & Json apek
and here's the gang again.
This time, without Reza but with Khairil, Genting Sbux Partner.
(Our kononnye, relative. Wakaka)
He's a Malay with Chinese features and speaks BM with Chinese slang.

and here's Mariam & I.
Yes, we must always have picture of only two of us!
Matching scarves, aye? =)

Turbo Bear and the two girls.
On the way up to Sky*sumtin* Lol.
Mariam, open your eyes Mariam.
Bunny, dah mandi ke bunny? says Turbo Bear.
Hahaha. joke of the day. Teehee.

and us! =)

and last but not least,
enjoy a cup of Toffee Nut Latte.
Perfect drink especially with our sudden heavy shower lately.

Ooh. I've yet to try Tazo Joy.
It's a blend of Black Tea and Oolong Tea.
(I know Black Tea is sweet but Oolong? * wonders * )
Signing off,
Starbucks Addict.