Saturday, 30 June 2007


Thinkin back all the things I did in June,
I'm happy and I'm glad I found all of you.
Thanks for all the good time.
I love all of you to bits!!
Tomyam Steamboat's the bomb!
Ahh, anything spicy's a bomb to me.
I mean to all of us.

Picture worth a thousand words.

"My heart belongs to no one BUT me"

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Celebrity Collage

Traffic Light Night, every Weds @ Maison.

Vivian, Jason, Shan, Mich, Shien & Yudi
Vivian & I
[ooh, I love her. =)]
Play your colours right!
Red: Stop! I'm taken.
Yellow: Single but not looking. It's complicated.
Green: I'm single. Go ahead.
Been to this event for the third time now. Every Wednesday for 3 friggin weeks.
But, yesterday was the bomb.
Drank pretty fast and quite a number of glasses of beer and dewars + mixers.

Vivian & Mich
Yudi & I.
[my quiet housemate. Lol.]
Danced all night long and ooh, I didn't throw up.


Sorry Vivian for draggin you up the stage to dance with me.
It was a blast though!!
Shien & I.
Shan & Yudi.

Chivas@my porch.

Drinkin session @ my porch with Shien, Vivian and Navin.

Too bad Yudi wasnt around.


Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Bila yang tertulis untuk ku,
Adalah yang terbaik untuk mu.
Kan ku jadikan kau kenangan,
Yang terindah dalam hidupku.
Namun, takkan mudah bagiku,
Meninggalkan jejak hidupmu,
Yang telah terukir abadi,
Sebagai kenangan yang terindah.

My shining star.

You were there to make me smile when I am down,
You were there to make me happy when I put on a frown.
You were there next to me when no one did,
You were there when I am in need.

are my shining star.
I love you so..

I look up above the sky,
You were there shining so brightly.
I look down at the puddle of water,
You were there, in front of me.

No matter where I am,
North, South, East and West
You are always there,
Right by my side.

And you, are my brightest shining star up above.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


"Are you one of those people who can drop off to sleep anywhere?
Do you find that you are going to sleep at inappropriate time?
Are you constantly fighting to stay awake during the day despite having a good night's sleep?
If so, you are suffering from a condition called:

Narcolepsy is a condition in which sufferer has episodes in which he/she suddenly falls asleep.

These episodes are uncontrollable and can last for anything from a few minutes to hours after which the person will wake up feeling refreshed and fully alert. There are usually several episodes in a day.

Often, these attacks occur following a meal but they can happen at any time during the person's waking hour.

The condition does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity or socio-economy background. It does normally become evident between the ages of 15 - 25 but can affect young children as well as the elderly.

Imagine the effect this condition can have on the lifestyle and the quality of life of the person. The person may be in class or in a meeting with colleagues when he suddenly just drops off to sleep. He may be at a party, crossing a street, worst still driving a vehicle when one of these episodes occurs. As you can see, the results of this illness could be catastrophic for both the sufferer and for the people around him.

The cause of Narcolepsy is unknown but it is agreed that it involves a malfunction of the neurotransmitters, the part of the brain that controls sleep and awake states. It is also possible that hormones such as melatonin may be maladjusted, thus failing to do their job which is to control nomal sleep patterns.

There are also three auxiliary conditions associated with Narcolepsy. These are called cataplexy, hallucinations and sleep paralysis.