Saturday, 26 April 2008

Days hasn't been the same.
Everything has changed.
I dont care what people might say.
I dont care what others might think.
It's my decision, not theirs.
I can't waste time, so give me the moment.
This battle,
I will fight and not give up.
Someone to bring me down,
Is the last thing I need now.

'You are on my heart, just like a tattoo.
Just like a tattoo, I'll always have you.'
- Just like a tatoo, Jordan Sparks.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Combined Tales.

A combined tales post as I am too lazy/ busy so here goes.
This is part of our daily routine in Starbucks.

Pic 1: Testing whipped cream (came out pretty didn't it?) =)
Pic 2: Raja's drawing of the previous promo coffee.
(Looked more like kelapa sawit/bawang to us rather than beans)

Summer Promo Launch @ Starbucks Taipan

(More photos in my Facebook album)

Pic 1: Adam with Tinesh's fake boobies.
Pic 2: Tinesh being dressed up.
(He's enjoyin it, doesn't he?)

Pic 1: Tinesh in bikini.
(His "skirt" fell during catwalk btw. Lolwtf)
Pic 2: Ammar proposing.
(Awwh. Sweeet!)

World Earth Day Event (20th April) @ Starbucks SS15
Btw, Happy 51st Birthday Dad!
Ps: Sorry I couldn't go back Penang to celebrate.

Pic 1: Alvin and his friend with a handfull of newspapers.
Pic 2: Jason posing.
(That's just half of the newspaper we collected.)

Pic 1: Alvin and a customer helping to choose her a plant.
Pic 2: Raja and his plant.
(He just love camwhoring)
Grease Trap Fiesta Again!!
It was as dirty as my previous post on Grease Trap.

Now, this is how you clean (we, in Starbucks) the dangg Grease Trap.
Scrub it!!

And this is Ms. Chloe Ashland.
I just couldn't resist her.
Even after a tiring day at work.
At 3am.

Bf's mom trimmed her face hair!! Haha.
Now, she look even more prettier.
And I can finally see her black eyes n nose.

Chloe n I.
(Dnt laugh! I look horrible. And it's Starbucks Summer Shirt that I'm wearing.)
That's all for now.
Sorry for the lack of updates.
I'll update soon lahh!!
Till then,

World Earth Day (22 April 2008)

Happy World Earth Day Everyone!!
Starbucks Event was a success!!
Thank you to all that has given us support!
You are very much appreciated!!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

I am skipping tomorrow's interview.
Wait. Today's interview at 9am.
Dnt bother asking what interview.
Damn rashes.
And I have another interview coming up in a week or two.
Good Nite.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Fat? Nooo!!

Dear Miss Jeanie Beh Chyi Xiu!

You ain't fat!!
Stop complaining!!
You are as thin as I am.
Only I look smaller cuz my damn arms refuses to take in all the lemak.
And in the end, it all goes to my face which is bad.
Don't you dare lose weight or I'll kill you!!
I love you!!
Come back soon!!

Monday, 14 April 2008

World Earth Day (22 April 2008)

It's World Earth Day once again. Help us to help save mother nature.
What can you do?
Bring along all your unwanted Old Newspaper to selected Starbucks outlet.
We will recycle it all.
Sunway & Subang area: Starbucks SS15.
Taipan: Starbucks Taipan.

Saturday, 12 April 2008


I don't wish to see my two favourite gay partners not talking to each other.
10 years of friendship shouldn't be wasted just like that but should be treasured.
Not everyone has it.
Not one's fault to pursue for their own happiness.
True friend would understand, forgive and forget.

Sorry for the lack of updates.
Been pretty busy with work and my newly opened online boutique with a friend.
Yeah. Candy Treats it is.
Anyway, I have been talking to a couple of people about what I am planning to do.
Then, I realised.
It has been 21 years I am alive.
21 years my brains started thinking all sorts of nonsense.
21 years of making decisions even as a baby.
Oh, c'mon. You cry when you want something as a new born.
That's part of making decision you know.
Well, indirectly.
I realised, I am still at the crossroads.
I have no idea what do I wanna do.
Study's definitely not an option at this stage, looking at the insufficient funds.
Working, well. Still thinking.
Oh well. We'll see how my interview goes this coming Saturday.
Does wrking in Starbucks, shhh!!
I'll tell Jason when the time's right, mind you.
Till then,
"I wanna make your soul shine"

Friday, 11 April 2008

This 3 words say it all!