Wednesday, 29 October 2008

(pic bit obscene but wth lahh rite?)
Being happy is hard.
But pretending to be happy is even harder, no?
All broken up.

I worry only because I care.
I worry only because I love.
I worry only because I am not there.
Can you tell me still that I worry too much?

Starbucks. Starbucks. Starbucks. No, I can never get sick of it. =)

I can never have enough of Starbucks.

(Does that answer your question: Aren't you sick of Starbucks?)

Ooh! Guess what?
CandyTreats appeared in Malaysian Today
(Damnit! Only the BF's photo is in. Ceh!)
I absolutely love what they wrote in their article.
Imma happy girl.
(I suppose? Lalalala)

Tada!! Can you see my name? Can you? Can you? Ehehehe!!
Ooh. Picture's taken from Bijou Bazaar @ Menara Hap Seng
Our very first LIVE event.

Owh. I was reading that paper in Starbucks Pyramid 2.
Then I got bored.
Was scrolling my blog and guess what?
This appeared!
(Uhh. It's been a while since I myself cleaned it. Malas lahh)

And I got even more bored.
And started taking photos of whatever that is nice.
This frame was right above where I was sitting.
Nice no?

Reminds me of a simple day out with friends and family.
Sipping on a hot cuppa coffee while gossiping.
Ooh. The good ol' days, no?

And my very own Iced Venti 6 pumps Vanilla Latte.
and my very own Dunhill Menthol Lights.

And at work.
Yeah. The Raya period was a very quite one indeed.
So bored that I even took picture of what's inside the basket?
All the Mark Out Tags now have a new home.
No longer in BOH, behind our huge blue garbage bin.

Lets just say we are lazy to walk in and out.
Why the extra work, no?
(I have no idea whose name card that is. Lol)

Sunday is a boring day.

So don't mind me.

And I took photo of the credit card machine too.

And this?
Was on my 40 minutes break.
The lighting was nice.
The table was clean and free from ashes.
And there's only a glass on it. Which is mine, of course.

There are two photos because I was trying out the blury background with my K810i.
Yeah, parents got me the exact same phone that was stolen.
(I love this friggin damn phone, so what?!)

Owh yeah.
I only wrote the title of this post because I realised that I've just uploaded photos that was taken in Starbucks.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

The long awaited sleep.

That's right!
I've been dying to get an extremely long peaceful sleep.
And I finally get to sleep more than 5 hours.
Slept at 8pm last night (14th Oct) cause' it was raining.
Yeahh, how can you resist heavy shower?
It makes you feel like having a cup hot chocolate and cuddle up in bed, watching movie, no?

Yeahh. But the sad part is when you have to wake up 6am the next day.
To find out that your colleague left everything sanitized.
Yeah, that includes the thermometer used to steam milk and hot chocolate.
And it was a weekday. Where all the students and lecturers and other humans come barging in like there's no tomorrow.
Yep, that was how they were.
Took me two whole hours to get the bar settled.
Best part, I forgot to brew Iced Teas til it was almost 11am!!
Yeah, that's because my colleague kept the Iced Tea pitcher in the cabinet and I totally forgot about it.

*whistles/humming while ignoring you*

Ooh. Then it was FIFO
(uhh, first in first out?)
Okayy. Make it simple. That's what we call when our stock arrives.
Got it? No? Go wank in front of the mirror.
(hehehehe. I still figuring who told a friend of mine that sentence. Harsh, no?)
Definitely not me! I'm innocent!

Anyways, MOD asked to to stay for another hour.
Too many items. Including Christmas Promo.
(A bit too early, no?)
And lunch time, that's when it gets busy.
That's when the human (mostly STUDENTS) comes barging through the door.
Only this time, we have more!! Not forgetting, freeloaders!!
Yeah, don't even think that Starbucks is that packed.
It's packed only cause "they" take up God knows how many tables.
Lemme re-count.
2 sets of tables + sofas and a few wooden chairs and 2 tables outside.
Gawd! Is it so hard to flick the friggin ash into the ashtray?!
And throw your damn cigarette butts in the ashtray and do consider placing the chairs where they belong.
You don't own the place, you cheap ass morons!

I'm done with them.
Now, my MOD. On that day, a certain someone just have to appear in Starbucks.
(Yeahh, some btches are meant to be sl*ts, which she is btw.)

And this Huge Ass Panda MOD of mine just have to say we look alike.
(Yes, girl. You may be reading this blog. Bt the fck I care. You hate me for no reason, and you will be hated too)
Then I told him politely,
"Whatever you wanna say, don't every say we look alike"
And he said:
"I was referring to you and ... cause you both are wearing the same shirt"

Does it make any freaking sense?
I mean, c'mon! Same shirt doesnt make us brothers and sisters.

Yeah, I got pissed cause:

1. He made me stay for an extra hour
(No, I havent had my lunch break)
2. He went out chillin with that btch when he claims that it'll be busy and he wants to clear the BOH
(wtfness. ooh. he didnt chill for just a cigarette break. it was more than 2!)
3. That btch entered the BOH like she is still a partner.
(Uhh. You too stupid or too old to remember that it is only for partners?)
4. My smart "brother" gave that btch Emp Discount.
(I'm fine with that. But under my name? You must be nuts!)
5. MOD said we look alike.
6. MOD refused to appologise but instead, twist and turn his story.
(I am not stupid and yes, he knows dang well I absofckinglutely hate it when others claim that we look alike)

Yeah. I slammed the cash register after counting my cash and walked out without even saying anything.

Then it rained heavily.
But that didn't stop me and my cousin, Adrian from going out.
(a cousin which I just found out has no blood relation to my family at all on his 25th birthday)
Yep, that's right and I've known him since I was 12.
* faints *

Went for lunch. Wanted to go Chilis, BSC.
But it was closed for renovation.
Then decided to go Tony Roma's.
When we got there, hehe.
It was "Outback" in Bangsar Village.
(yes, my hot cousin thought that was Tony Roma's)

Both werent that hungry so we ordered:

Aussie Cheesy Fries
(yumms! so much better than KFC's cheesy wedges! Like duhh!)
Sizzling Chicken
(with onions, yumms!)
2 bottomless Iced Lemon Tea.
and the bill, it came up to an amount of: RM75++
Hahaha! Then we decided to go One U for movie.
Called Sis & the boyF and Shien and a friend of cousin's.
We watch: THIS!

" guys like sexy girls" " guys hates smart girls" " your eyes are the nipples of your face"

..bimbotic, no?


ooh. she cant pronounce "philanthropy"
(I mean Anna Farris in movie)
Yeahh. Hugh Hefner and his 3 favourite girls were in the movie too.
(watch Girls Next Door if you are a fan of Playboy)

We went to their usual mamak after the movie.
Had a drink and chao cause I needed to pee.
Gosh, my stomach was bloated then.
From 2 1/2 glasses of Iced Lemon Tea to Iced Tall Vanilla Latte to Mineral Water to Iced Milo.

* zzZZ *

Went home, continue watching Snow Buddies
(like OMG! Golden Retriever + Huskies + St. Bernard!)
How adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeahh. A day out with my cousin was an awesome one.
I mean, it has been ages since I hung out with just him.
The chillin out. The silence. The small pep talks. The sarcasm. The laughters.
Yeah, did I mentioned he and his friends almost abandoned me?
Yeah, they were snooker-ing till like 6am in the morning.
Who wouldn't fall asleep? Everyone was out when my cousin finally woke me up.
Sadness. =.=

(This was like in 2005. When I just came down to KL and still livin in his house with my sis.)
Gosh, the good ol' days.
I miss them, don't you?


I'm bored.
Dead bored.
Anyone wanna take me out?


I'm totally kidding!
I'm having so much fun!
I'm in Pyramid 2 Starbucks now.
Stoning in front of Shien's ol'lappie.
Finding it hard to type on his darn friggin small keyboard.
I'll be doing some deep cleaning later.

Ehhh. Dont get me wrong okayys.
I'm going for a "BBQ" session later at 12am.
(So "early" no?)
And ooh.
BBQ as in deep cleaning in Starbucks.
Yeah. That's what Mr Brilliant Jason came up with.
BBQ Session on the 16th.

Like hello.
I wasn't born yesterday okays.
(I just so happen to check out DM Mohin's October schedule b4 Jason announced the BBQ event)

It was stated there ohh so very cleary

Mohin's District Schedule.
16th October
Deep Cleaning.


"J, please count me out for BBQ"

That's exactly what I told him.
Through what is known also as the world's easiest and least scary way of sending messages.

Yep. That's right,
And his reply, to my surprise.
(Not so surprised lahh.)
"It's ok"


Dear Jason,

I've worked long enough to know how you communicate.
Yeah, I do actually.
When it's about work:
Plain old simple "It's OK" or just "OK"
When it's about party/clubbing:
"Why lahh. Come along la. It'll be fun yadayadadoo!!"