Saturday, 5 July 2008

Buuhhhh. Nahh, updated!

Title is a reply to k3oz message in my chatbox.
He sounded so sadddd. How can I not update?
Ooohkiee. Here goes....*drumrolls*..absolutely nothing.
My mind's completely blank.
I am hardly in the mood for updating blogs.
You know what? I'm actually thinking of waking PetPet up to go shisha in Hartamas.
Then again, I'm too lazy to get off the bed. And lappie's on my red IKEA pillow, on my belly.
With my head against the wall causing me to have a tired neck.

Okayy. Okayyy.

Lets start with work.

1. Same old. Same old. - I know I use this phrase A LOT! So whattt?
2. Did Grease Trap today. Middle shift.
(Partners frm other Starbucks outlet: Got such thing mehh?)
3. Still cracking my head on which coffee or how am I going to do a Creative Coffee Tasting for District Coffee Master coming this 25th. - I am soooo screwed.
4. My bar was a complete mess.
5. Tinesh lied to me. - He promised to wash the dishes!!! But none was cleaned. =.=
6. I'll be doing Back to Back this weekend. - Saturday, closing. Sunday, opening. Dammnnn.
7. Surprisingly, hardly any Sri KL students today.
8. I am extremely exhausted. - Customers refused to gimme a break. One goes, another enters. Another goes, here comes the other. Yawnnn.
9. My hands are shaking. - Pulling espresso shots. Banging em' on the rubber panel of the "Used coffee ground bin"
10. I am not complaining. I enjoyed my work today. Like any other days. - Teehee. Bite me. =P


1. Recently updated with truckloads of choices. - 1st & 2nd July
2. Almost everything reserved. - Not that it's a bad thing. Just that it means I'll have to go scout for more!!
3. Plenty of restocking to do. - As seen in the restocking list.
4. I've been replying mails all day long. - Okay. Fine. So, it wasn't only me. PetPet as well.
5. I am officially broke!!! AGAIN!


1. Nothing much is going on.
2. Still the same old "I dont know you, therefore I shall be lansi"
3. But the extremely noisy sarcastic girl when I am all hyped up. - Okayy. I may not be as sarcastic as you. Shuddup.
4. I chopped my oh-so-long-hair. =( - Not happy about it. Though I get good feedback which sometimes I wonder how true it is. Blehh. Okayy. Not so long hair but still it was once long. WAS!
5. Same old boring homely person. But now, obsessed with shopping online. - Whoops.
6. I blame PetPet for turning me into a shoppaholic. - Now, he's having major headache. =S
7. Stuck in between. - Aye. Sounds wrong, no?
8. Not a pro-blogger. - So don't expect much!


1. We're leavinggggg on a jet plane. Dont know when we'll be back again. - Okayyy. Not jet plane laaaa. AirAsia. Budget. Budget. And sentence is quoted from a song, Leaving on a jet plane. (I think that's the title.)
2. Owh, we're leaving to Sabah for family vacation. - Dont ask me why Sabah. Ask the planner, Miss Yvonne. My one & only sister. Sad. Only one sibbling to argue with. Cehhh.
3. I miss my lil' cramped-up-with-antiques home back in Penang. - Dad loaded the house with lum sum of ol' gorgeous cameras. (To sell it in or e-Bay) =.=
4. Dad & I share the same passion. - Arts. Photography. Online Shopping/Selling.

Okiee. Basically, that's all for now.
Owh wait. Did I tell you the actual plan for tonite?

- Go home straight after work.
- Shower then head straight to Racks. It's Foosball Challenge!!
- Movie marathon tonite since I'm doing closing shift tomoro.

My laziness got me cancelling all plans & making PetPet fall asleep.
I was too lazy to get off the bed, like I mentioned earlier.
And I got hooked. With all the online boutiques.
And also, replying emails & editing the blog. (Boutique)
And I am lazy to go out.
And I am broke.
And I am.....out of excuses.

Right now, I am HUNGRYYYYY!!
Though I had sugar doughnut, whole Iced Venti Vanilla Latte, and roasted chicken.
Sounds like a very light meal, no?
Shhhh. Shuddup.

Okayy. I am gonna wake PetPet up now.
My tummy's making too much noise I can't bare to hear em'.

Oooo. I miss Joey & Jeannie & Priya.
Welcome back JeannnnnieBehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
And good to see you again yesterday, Sean-zieThu.