Friday, 27 April 2007

What do guys like about you?

Guys Like That You're Sensitive

And not in that "cry at a drop of a hat" sort of way
You just get most guys - even if you're not trying to
Guys find it is easy to confide in you and tell you their secrets
No wonder you tend to get close quickly in relationships!

Kinda true..

What girl group should you be in?

You Should Be In The Donnas

You've got that a bit of an edge to you
The bad girl that all the good boys want!

What kind of dog should you have?

You Should Own a Dachshund

Comical, social, and stubborn.

What's your date fashion style?

Your Style is Sassy

Your date outfits are flirty and fun - and make guys smile
Occasionally you'll take a fashion risk, and it will pay off
You're up for flashing an inch or two of skin
But your general rule is to leave most of your bod to the imagination

Do you know?

Você sabe como tocar uma menina?
Se você me quer tanto,
Primeiro tive de saber,
Você é pensativo e gentil?
Você preocupa-se o que está na minha mente?
Ou são eu somente para a demonstração?


Diga lo que usted quiere.
Diga lo que usted desea.
Vivo mi vida mi camino.
Usted nunca será capaz de pararme.
Usted nunca será capaz de pararme de ser a quién soy.
Usted nunca será capaz de pararme de hacer a qué quiero.
Usted nunca será capaz de pararme de perseguir mis sueños.
Nunca le dejaré entrar en mi camino.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Reflexión de un Forastero.

* ****** *
Quién es aquella muchacha que veo?

Protagonizado directo atrás en mí.

Por qué es mi reflexión alguien yo dont saben.

Debo fingir que soy alguien más para siempre?

Cuándo mostrará mi reflexión?

A quién soy dentro..

.:~b e a u t i f u l~:.

I have seen rainbows that could take your breathe away,
The beauty of setting sun that ends a perfect day.
And when it comes to shooting stars,
I have seen a few..
But I have never seen anything
as .B E A U T I F U L. as

They know my name..

They think that they know me.
..they don't..

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Hidding Tears

Smiling face,
Crying heart.
(Don't let It show,
Don't let Them know.)
Smiling stays,
Crying starts.
(Hold It in,
don't break the grin.)
Happy face,
Hurting heart.
(Don't reveal how you feel.)
Painful Place,
Crying starts.
Spending years,
Hiding Tears.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Why are there so much homework nowadays....?

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Things you don't know about me.

1. What's my favourite flower?
2. What do I love eating?
3. What do I hate eating?
4. What is my all-time favourite song?
5. What do I love doing?
6. What is my favourite past time?
7. How do I like to spend my day?
8. What is my favourite ice cream?

Knowing this simple things, means alot.


It has been raining a lot lately.
And talkin about rain,
Kelv and I have been running around under the rain alot.
And, what can I say..
It was fun..
All the laughter and foolishness

What a bliss..

101 - 220407

Friday 200407 is my 100th post.
Didn't know till I saw it on Dashboard.

Anyway, this post is nothing.
Just crapping away cuz I am bored!!

Till then,
hugs and kisses.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Friday 20.04.07

Happy Birthday Dad! You're officially 50 now!!

Sorry, I wasn't there to celebrate with you.
But hey..
At least you had a romantic dinner with mom at The Ship..


Anyway, I know celebrating with mom is just not enough.
Besides, it wouldn't be fun without me annoying you.

Without me and sis, the family is never complete.
We'll celebrate when you are down in KL with mom okay?
Bet vonne's going to take you to Westin again.

Love you to bits, dad!!

Thursday, 19 April 2007


The poster exhibition was finally over.
Viewers were askin question that has nothing to do with the topic of the poster.
Instead, they asked:
"How long did u take to do it?"
"Where did you get the ideas of creating this poster"

It was supposed to be from 3pm - 5.15pm
But somehow, got dragged till almost 7pm.
My heels were killing me.
Probably because I hadn't worn it for quite some time.

Been wearing a lot of converse lately.

It was all good..
No tough questions..
No bad comments..

Till then,
*hugs n kisses*

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Jerry Loy Chuan Teng

Bet u didn't know I would remember ur name.
Or worse, you.
Anyway, it is nice to be talking to you again.
Get ur ass back in Malaysia
Cuz, I sure do miss you.
Don't blame me.
I haven't seen ya since middle or end of year 2000
That's like friggin 7 years already!!

Owh bugger.

How friggin careless can I get?

Woke up late today.
So that means I skipped 8am class.

Was supposed to be at Subang Square at 9.30am
But, I was still at home online.

My bad. =)

Kelv asked Ricky to call me cuz his hp ran out of credit.
I answered.
Walked out of my room with my bag and books and sweater and hp.
All the important shit I need in college.

I pressed the lock button on my door knob and guess what?
I forgot my keys!!!

So, I was stuck between my room and the outside world for few minutes.
Then, God sent me an angel.
Yudi came down and walked to college with me.
(my housemate okbyez)

Came back home after class.
Poor landlord was trying all the keys she had in her hands.
She was sweating.
*I felt friggin bad..*

Then there weren't any key that fits my door lock.
Had Kelv to help hooked up my key on the table from my window.
Thank God, I left it somewhere near there.

Thanks for the rescue everyone.
And Kelv, next time when I say duplicate my key, please lemme do so.
Cuz u kno how careless and clumsy and forgetful I am like no one else does.
By the way, that wasn't a compliment.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

She: Definitely a natural stoner. =)

Was reading San Jay's blog earlier.
Saw the entry he last posted. It was dated 3rd March 2007.
I knew it was beginin of the month.
But I forgot it is already April..
Can I get anymore stoned..??

Such is my Thursday.

Went Proton Plant this morning to do some research.
Was dead sleepy and sick. [thanks to the smell and heat. =.=]
Came back around noon, had lunch at Rage again. [tom yam's lovely. =)]
"yeaah, u got an ulcer cuz u ate so much tom yam and drank so lil water.." - quoted from kelv.

Went for class..
Did some work..
Went home and watched a movie.
Kept re-connecting my wireless.

..I didn't realize it was already 8.30pm..

No wonder I was kinda hungry.

Went out for dinner with Kelv and Tien Leng @ Seaview.
Went FTZ but it was darn packed.
Now, here I am in JS bloggin
..while the guys are dota-ing....

* and I am about to doze off soon.. =)

till then,

Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Stoned as usual
Sad as always


That doesn't mean she's down.
She's just bored and lazy at home.
Fck up wireless.
Kept connecting and disconnecting.

today is really a boring day.
Classes went on as usual.
The building was as cold as any other day.
Weather was shyt but slightly better than the day before.

Despite all above,
I'm happy and thankful.

*I love all of you to bits!!


7 words:
- I don't need your $$ to survive.

6 words:
- I don't need you to survive.

5 words:
- I live my own life.

4 words:
- Shut the fuck up.

3 words:
- I hate you.

2 words:
- Buzz off!

1 word:

**you are worse than a pathetic loser.
*be a man, don't be like a bitch.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A week break and total fun.

- Went college in the morning to hand up summaries. Rushed to finish it in the morning.
- Went Rack and foos a lil.
- Went Carrefour to get some groceries with the twins
- Went for steamboat dinner with the twins, vivian and a few of her friends.

- Went searching for house. Finally found one cheap yet comfortable room.
- Went 1 Utama for movie "Just Follow Law" - emotionally funny sial. LOL

Wednesday: ROAD TRIP!!
- Route: Kelv's hse - my place, damansara - my new place, ss15 - rack - carrefour - IKEA - tmn desa - my place, ss15 - Kelv's hse (he went home) - sports planet - damansara - back to kelv's hse.
- Up down up down and kelv still have the strength to play futsal. LOL
- shoppin @ IKEA and IKANO. Went bed hunting and some other stuff for my new empty room as well. =)

- Went for movie @ Cineleisure, Damansara.
- Watched 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' Mike's adorable. =)
- Went yumcha.

- Went Jaya Supermarket. Waited for Kelv @ Starbucks while he send his car for service.
- Went bed hunting again, then back to Carrefour Subang to find out the prices for some neccessary stuff for my room. God, that guy can be a good finance controller. Wahaha.
- Went home, slept. Kelv went bck to his own house of course.
- Went Seaview for dinner then Rack for drinkin session. (Ricky's birthday)

- Woke up kinda late.. around 12pm.
- Went lunch at Seaview.
- Followed Kelv to Cyberjaya to pick Kenny up.
- Went yum cha @ Mossin.
- Went home, slept again. LOL
- Went yum cha again at nite.

- Slept, woke up, slep, woke up, slept.
- Yea, tht's what i did the whole day.
- Went out to IKEA with the twins.
- Finally bought my bed.
- Had dinner at McD, the Curve.

Might sound boring here, but all this activities are done with fun people so it doesn't really matter what you did. All that matter's who you do it with..

...the last sentence sounds kinda wrong...


Yea. Yea. It has been so so long since I last blogged.
Lemme see..almost a month?
My bad.
Surprised to see how low life some people are to post a fck up comment.
How friggin lame is that? Dude, whoever you are, u'r a total loser.
Don't come around here to get attention from people k?
Blah. Suckaz!!
Seriously, I laughed lookin at the comment.
Childish sial.. Grow up lil' kid.