Wednesday, 20 February 2008

My days in Starbucks SS15, #067.

More upcoming stories will be posted.
At the moment, let us all wait patiently for the bf to wake up n help me with d photo uploads.


I am sometimes an alien to computer-ing. Sorry LAH.

We shall all see what's behind d fishy scenes.

Grease trap will be the first to go.

Btw, #067 isn't the episode. It's the store number.
Gah, who cares.

Till then,
all starbuckers, cheers!


Dear Joey.

If you're reading this, please take note that I'll be back in Penang on 21st feb.


heh, sound so formal.

Anyway, darling dearest..
I'll definitely be bck to celebrate ur 21st with you.

Love ya!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

My addiction

Was trying this new thing, moblie bloggin and damn, it's so easy!!
Now, I can just blog at anytime, anywhere.
And oohh.. d K810i camera's friggin clear!!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

The arrival of a new family member.

The new pup is here, Ms. Chloe Ashland.
She is extremely playful for a shih tzu but she definitely enjoys bathing.
A princess, she is.

Btw, she eats more than a lil pup would.


Saturday, 9 February 2008

New. New. New.

New handphone.
New laptop.
New puppy.
New handbag.
New shoes.

Hmm. Tempting siotzzzzzzz!!!

Can I get a new car too?

(okay, okay. I'll go get my license done. =.=)

my days in Sbux SS15

My not-so hard work.
Sorry la if it's ugly.
Last minute work okayyy.

Me, my favourite Abang Donkey, Reza; n uhh.. Li Von
-think I got the spelling correct, girl. Lol-

The Starbucks Subang gang.

Me, and my bar.
Clean aye? thanks to me. =)
Finally the day ends for me.
-checkin e.o.d sales report.-

Me, and my damn christmas cap.
-on christmas cheer party, sbux ss15-

And, my ugly drawing of a to-go venti starbucks cup.


New pup to come.
Name: Chloe Ashland
Age: 10 weeks old.
Date: 10 Feb 07
Time: 6pm
Countdown: 19 hrs, 2 minutes.

=) =) (= (=



Just another boring year.

As usual, I'll be dragged to Semenyih by my oh, so lovely parents.
Mom cooked, but sorry to say,
it wasn't as delicious as I thought it would.

(sorry, mom)

But I dnt blame her.
It's been years since she last cooked.
Well, the two daughters weren't back in Penang.
Even if we both were, I'll be the one doin the cookin n cleaning.

I normally eat more than I usually do.
2-3 plates of rice with dishes of course.
But this time, all the meals I had,
Only a plate each.
The only time of the year I actually eat like nobody's business turns out to be a disappoinment.

Anyway, I'm a smoker.
And I needed to smoke.
Went out with Shien, Vonne n her partner.
Played chor dai di til the mamak shooed us away.
Went over to Shien's rented hse to get pillows because apparantly,
my aunt forgot about her two nieces.

Needless to say,
hardly any visitation went on.
Only relatives I saw were my dad's two bros, his cousin and families.
Therefore, angpows tend to come up with very very small amount.

I got almost 1k when I was only in primary.


Normally, ppl would say,
The older you get, the more you'll receive.
it was the other way round.

I needed to get out of that place.
It was freaking boring and the tv's dominated by my lil cousin,
Who's crazy over cartoonssssssssssssssssss.

I'm finally back in Subang now.
And I miss work.
Somehow, I find myself so effin' commited to that store than I ever thought I would.

Happy Chinese New Year!!