Monday, 11 May 2009


Sunday, 3 May 2009

It has been a while, yeah? *blush*blush*
A lot has been happening and I am left so far behind from everything!!

Owh, yes!! Internal affairs are never ending in Starbucks.
(Not like there isnt any, anywhere else.)
And the scadals. Now, this one's yummy!! *grins*
Not to forget, new "very capable" DM that shall be named "S".
Gawd. Back to basics? You got to be kidding me? What century are you in anyway?
I have new nick name now. Teehee. It's called "Balak", given by S.
Here's why:

Kalau pokok dah bengkok, boleh di straighten balik.
Tapi kalau balak, skali bengkok, tak leh nak straighten.
Yg tue, kne gergaji terus.

which means..

You (You = new partners/employees) are new, so if you go haywire, you can still be taught the right way and change immediately.
But if like me (me as in michelle), already working so long, it's hard to make me go back the correct path way.

Need I tell you who said it?

And S wanna talk S.O.P with me. (S.O.P = Standard of Operations)
If S.O.P, where's your apron and cap?
Just cuz you're the boss, doesnt mean you can enter w/out apron & cap.
It's S.O.P okayys?!
If S.O.P, why are you taking your employee beverage in an Iced Cup?
S.O.P says use MUGS for EMPLOYEE BEVERAGE, take aways are only allowed if you have your tumbler.

Now, who's the bigger balak, BALAK TUA?

Dont call people names when you are not right yourself. Thank you.

First you say that I tried to steal the company's food.
(Chicken Finger Sandwich which is only RM6.90 before discount)
Then the next day when I purchase my food with the receipt stuck on the paper bag,
You asked my Store manager:

"Your partner trying to be sarcastic or what?"

Then, you said this to Partner A

"ko nak duk pun, bukak lah apron. jgn lah susahkan orang lain"

*Take note, A has been standing the whole time trough the extremely crazy busy hours and she sat less than 10 seconds*

Then when A did her work, S said:

"aiks? skarang dah busy pulak? tadi cam senang jerk leh duduk lagi"

Then comes Partner B.

She was making the blended beverages.
She shake the blender so that the drink was properly blended which was wrong.
B got lectured by S of course.
Then the next time when B was on floor and S dropped by,
He said:

"Sab, dah tak nak goncang lagi ke?"

B replied:

"Nape? Nak aku goncang ke?"

Unfortunately, S didnt hear her.


First, you accused me of stealing. When I gave you prove just so you can save ur time questioning the partners on floor one by one, you accused me of being sarcastic.

Secondly, you lectured Partner A for sitting and when she actually does her work, you apply your sarcasm by saying "Aiks, now busy pulak". Same goes to Partner B as well.

Sigh. Balak Tua oh balak tua. =.=
Just one month taking over Skypark, everyone hates you. Poor thing.
I pity you, I do.

Owh, did I mention that S said

"all of you dont have enough training, that includes your store manager"

I am complaining. Yes, I will. Me no coward like you!
Oooohh!! Big bosses visited Skypark on the 30th and guess what?
S hid in the back of house the whole time they were there and kept asking my Store Manager:

"big boss still here ahh?"
"what are they doing?"
"they chao already ahh?"

Balak Tua aka S = PUS*Y!!!

Gossip - Scandals.

Same old same old for those who are working in Starbucks.
Last thing I heard, she was acting like a boss in the store now.
Last thing I saw, they left a loaned partner on floor alone while they both were busy dating in the back of house.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Her smile was always an honest one.
Her laughter was always a sincere one.
But that very particular night changed it all.
Beneath her smile and laughter lies a very dark secret.
She's strong, they'd say.
She's cheated death.
She's thankful, he loves her still for who she is.
But the pain, she knows very well it will never go away.

Just us girls. =)
I just came back couple of days ago and I miss them already.
Taken @ Angeline's work place, Garden Inn.

and here's our first time in Red Box, together. =)
Happy Birthday, Joey!
We love her to bits.
It has been a while since we together. =)
Here's Joey + Me.
My cheecks are chubbier in this photo, no? *swt*
Angeline + Me, in her car. Lol.

I actually do miss living in Penang.
Is it because they are there?
or was it because I wasnt working for the whole month and it felt good?

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

You dont only fail as a lover.
You failed as a friend too.
I trust you, not.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Nothing means more than being in your arms.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Amazingly annoyed.


I'm back, again. =)
In case some of you didn't know, I am no longer in Starbucks SS15.
I am now in Starbucks Subang Skypark - in a store that I am much happier now.
(Though waking up at 6 a.m everyday is not a very ideal plan and driving back n forth can be really tiring)
Anyhows, I am really much happier working there, seriously. =)

But to some people, I am a pain in their a*s.
I need not mention the name. Those who work with me knows very well who this person is
(or rather who they are)
I mean, Starbucks Skypark is a brand new stores with brand new partners excluding the two seniour partners and the three ol' managers. Hehehe.

Is it wrong to teach those partners from wrong to right?
I dont care if you wanna "cheat" at work. But at least it looks tip top purrfect on the outside, for God's sake!
I was pretty grumpy one morning due to lack of beauty sleep.
It got even worse as I started work.

1. The blender was horribly dirty! (There were faded choc stains all over on all 3 blenders!)
2. The floor mat was effin sticky!
3. The towels were extremely smelly! (Not over reacting but I almost puked, seriously)
4. The bar mocha was as hard as God knows what. (Even harder than erected "Johny")

There's more and it's simply annoying! She has been reminded over and over again yet she's sooo absofckinglutely stubborn!!!

Next, we had this CMP challege (Coffee quiz, rather.)
We got into semi-finals and was very happy with that.
But but but.
At the end of our semi finals, we had a tie breaker.
Wtf. Wtf. Wtf.
The final question was "Write a description on Sumatra"
(Sumatra's a name of a coffee in Starbucks)
We lost. I'm fine with that if they played fair.
But nooooooo.
They were so fckin busy arguing over extra time, taking my team member's paper away from her and none of the judges saw that the other team was still writing.
I was like "OMG! It's so unfair!"
And this is what my team captain said "It's okay. His last answer's wrong anyway"

I know I am being over dramatic here but this kinda stuff is important to me okays?!
I dont study for a fcking "It's okay. His last answer's wrong anyway"!
You can at least show some leadership and stand up for the team. But no, you rather ignore the whole thing.
I know it means nothing to you but to some people, it does.

Is it so hard to stand up for something that you think and KNOW that is right?!


and I lost my sweater which I just bought on Saturday and wore for only 5 minutes.

Yours sincerely,
- annoyed, very! -