Thursday, 5 March 2009

Her smile was always an honest one.
Her laughter was always a sincere one.
But that very particular night changed it all.
Beneath her smile and laughter lies a very dark secret.
She's strong, they'd say.
She's cheated death.
She's thankful, he loves her still for who she is.
But the pain, she knows very well it will never go away.

Just us girls. =)
I just came back couple of days ago and I miss them already.
Taken @ Angeline's work place, Garden Inn.

and here's our first time in Red Box, together. =)
Happy Birthday, Joey!
We love her to bits.
It has been a while since we together. =)
Here's Joey + Me.
My cheecks are chubbier in this photo, no? *swt*
Angeline + Me, in her car. Lol.

I actually do miss living in Penang.
Is it because they are there?
or was it because I wasnt working for the whole month and it felt good?

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

You dont only fail as a lover.
You failed as a friend too.
I trust you, not.