Sunday, 25 February 2007

Muse - Starlight

Jackass No.2

funny. disgusting. cool stunts. yikes. daring. ouch.

Monday, 19 February 2007


So, I haven't been blogging for few days now.
Was too lazy to come online and blog actually.
Anyway, it's been drinking foosing movies and chillin with the guys now.
Normal shyt every single day.
Sigh. Life. I have no idea what to blog.
Will update soon after I get all my work done.
Till then,

enjoy ur CNY!

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Why do people rather listen to lies than the truth?

..and then they fckin get pissed. Cb.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Happy Valentine's Day, people!!

Monday, 12 February 2007


Got back yesterday from Dusun Eco.
Felt like I was in my grandfather's orchard.
Eveything was so greenish and wooden.
Got there, left my stuff in the room, met up again somewhere near the canteen.
Walked all the way to the bridge for flying fox. God, they have tonnes of stairs there.
Tiring... -_______-
Waited kinda long for my turn to fly.
It was the longest flying fox in Malaysia, but it felt so shortwhile.
After flying fox, we had lunch.
Some Malay kampung dishes.
I didn't eat much..
Went for obstacle races after that.
Heh. I haven't done any obstacle since form 2.
Surprisingly, I manage to go through everything without falling. =)
But I tore my favourite sweat pants and scratched my elbows during commando crawl.
The path was covered with dry sand and probably broken tiles. I dont kno.
Was busy crawlling. Got kicked at my face though. Thank God it was a soft one.
After everything was over, we went back shower and had dinner.
Had some mind thinking games in the hall then back to the room.

Day 2.
Woke up at 7am for morning exercise.
Thank God Ek rach came knocking on the door cuz I off my alarm. =)
Had some breathing excercise before bfast and jungle tracking.
God, the jungle is friggin steep!!
Had trouble climbing up cuz my legs were tired and they were shaking.
Took us only about an hour to reach the top.
Felt like it took us almost 2 hours to reach the surface.
Going back down was so so far...
And I didn't wanna get my shoes wet when we came to rivers..
Had to look for ways to cross over.
Dominic, the yoga instructor carried me over. LOL
[can't blame me. I brought only a pair of shoe and I hate walkin in wet shoes. =S]
After tracking, went back to the room.
Shower and lunch.
After lunch, we had our water sport.
Had to build a raft and go rafting on it.
I forgot how to tie all the knots. And there weren't any scout or guide skills in my team. We ended up tying all sorts of knots and simply crossing the bamboos with ropes.
It was under the hot sun. When I stood up, I almost fainted.
My blood pressure dropped. =[ I ended up sitting on the bench waiting for my team to come back from rafting.
Dominic saw me and he help massage my back. God, it hurts!! He pressed my shoulder blade with his thumb so friggin hard..
Went back to the room, shower again.
Then back to the canteen for tea and award ceremony.
Waited for the truck to pick and send us to the bus stop.
Was left behind with the lecturers after the first two trucks left.
They thought everyone has left.
Waited about 30mins for the next truck to come.
After reaching the bus stop, we all left and I fell asleep after stonin for a few minutes.
About 30mins b4 reaching subang, the group was singing.
God, Ms Irene, go memorise ur lyrics! LOL.

Friday, 9 February 2007


Okay. So, I have just finished packing my bag.
God knows if I brought enough clothing.
Wasn't in the mood to do the packing.
Owh, m leaving in 9 hours 30 mins to Dusun Eco, somewhere near Pahang.
-i guess-
It's a team building camp for the UWE year one students
So, yea..Got forced to go. -.-
But, ahh..
I guess it will be a fun one.
Owh. Flying fox. Lets all see me hangin there.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Me for me.

I love being me.
I love the way I am.
So, why don't you just stop stopping me from being who I am...?
This sux.

Dear God..

Why should I cry anymore?
Everything he said, I have heard it before..
So please, God.
Please help me..


I miss those times when I was single back then.
Hangin out with bunch of friends knowing that I'll stil return home,
Without having to argue with anyone about me hangin out so much with them..
Whatever happened to my freedom..?
Whatever happened to my life..?
This is what you get when you have a partner..

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

B O R E D, as I always am.

1. Song playing at the moment?
- Take me away by Lifehouse

2. Reasons for living?
- Every one and every thing that matters.

3. Do you think you're ok?
- I'm, once in a while. -mentally-

4. Ever donated blood?
- no. Even if I wanted to, the docs wouldnt allow me. I have low blood pressure. =s

5. Favorite color(s)?
- black, as usual. White, once in a while. The rest is up to my mood. =) No pink lately.

6. Accessories you usually wear
- earrings. bangles. bracelets. hardly necklaces.

7. One song to describe a heartbreakin the past?
- nvr thought about it. I don't look back. =)

8. Last place you went to?
- my room.

9. Last person you went out with?
- onny.

10. The most exciting sport?
- Among all the sports I have done, dancing comes 1st, foosball comes 2nd and third would be running. Yes, I love running.

11. Ever had a baby?
- lmfao.

12. Movie you want to watch?
- 300, spiderman 3, Fantastic 4 part 2, Ghost rider blablabla.

13. Any piercings?
- ears. gna get my belly one again. still waiting..

14. The most romantic gift?
- tht's for me to know.

15. Act on stage before?
- yea, and I hated it. No, seriously. I hate acting.

16. Struck by lightning before?
- I did be dead or ugly by now, don't you think? Unless I got lucky..

17. Danced with your loved one before?
- Yea. =)

18. Ever wished you could turn backtime?
- yes. honestly.

19. What would you do if you woke up one day to find yourself to be with someone from the
opposite sex?
- urh. nothing. I wake up everyday finding myself next to him. =)

20. One song that's meaningful to you?
- I don't care. I just listen. I don't link it to my life.

21. Last person you met for the first time?
- Midvalley Starbucks' manager? LOL.

22. What will you be doing on the weekend?
- Leavin to Dusun Eco for college camp on friday. Saturday would probably b a drinkin nite if I am not too tired. Sunday, rest day.

23. Ever thought of robbing a bank?
- no.

24. One thing you totally regretdoing/done?
- that's for me to know.

25. Do people like you?
- I got to admit, most girls hates me. =) but, do I look like I give a sh*t.

26. What was the last game you played on the computer?
- letter rip-online. I was so bored at home waitin for Onny.

27. Someone who means a lot to you at the moment?
- It's someones. Onny. and friends that matters.

28. The colour of you mobile phone?
- black.

29. Do you hate someone at the moment?
- I dislike wannabe[s] but I don't hate them. They're just themselves. Who am I to judge. =)

30. What do you wish to happen now?
- No idea.

31. Last time you ate pizza?
- Can't recall.

32. Ever been given a ring?
- yup. =)

33. Do people think you're weird?
- Lmao. YeaahhH!

34. Movies now showing that you hate?
- n/a

35. Most important thing in your room?
- Everything except the rubbish.

36. Last movie watched?
- Stranger than fiction. -slow but interesting story line, for me.

37. Last television show watched?
- That's so raven. It just so happened to be on air when I switch the tv on. =)

38. Who is the person you want to seeright now?
- Onny, who's stil sleeping and my friends.

39. Ever called a person useless?
- I don't think so. It's rude. Don't you think so?

40. Are you good at hiding yourfeelings?
- no. not really. =)

41. Have you ever regretted likingsomeone?
- nope.


I drove again yesterday night.
This time, I went further.
Yea, gna get myself ready before going for lessons.
Anyway, m supposed to be on the way to college for 8am class now
but I am not. LOL.
Got to babysit a while til the bf's mom is back from..
I don't know..
Pasar? Coffee morning?
Who cares. Wasted my time wakin up so early just to find out
that I wont be going for class.

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Did you know that?

If you can say this then say it so
i think i know why i don't know!
because the things i don't know
other people could know
so i do know that i could know
the things i wanted to know
if i wanted to know them!
so i'll ask someone to tell me the things they know
then i'll know why i didn't know the things i didn't know
plus the things i already know.
did u know i could do that?
well that's one thing i know you didn't know
that i knew i could do that!
so i knew something you didn't know
because i knew i knew something
but you didn't know i knew it.
did u know that?

Somewhere, somebody..

Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile,
and finds in your presence that life is worth while.
So when you are lonely,
remember it's true.
somewhere is thinking of you.


he: you've put on a lil weight..
she: really?
he: yea..
she: where?
he: ur arms
she: you sure? my arms are still thin.
he: yes, m sure. you see urself evryday. you wouldn't notice..

awh..finally I put on a lil fat.. weehee!!

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Shoppin Spree.

Been shoppin for the past two days in 1U and MV.
Finally got a new pair of jeans from Levi's
my converse!!!!!!!


Jerry Maguire


I drove today!! LOLLOLLOL!!