Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Horse Penis. Not a good view. Lol.

It has been weeks since Starbucks Grease Trap was cleaned.
I supposed it was since 16th November?
The day we left for Genting?
Or probably a few days before the 16th.
That's like almost two - three weeks!!
And I was being so hardworking yesterday and decided to clean the grease trap.
(Ok lahh. I was actually trying to let time pass so that I can go home at 6.30pm yesterday)
In my mind,
"ahh, grease trap should be alrite since Tivya was doing the middle shift yesterday"
When I opened the cover, I was "swept" away by the aroma of our grease trap.
It was disgustingly aromatic!!!
And best thing, the fungus were growing and the water was almost flowing out.
Eeeeww, I know.
I had to wear two gloves and slowly pick up those leftovers.
(It actually looked like placenta, like I know how placenta looks like. -.-)
Anyhows, it sure does looks like some inner part of human's body if you know what I mean.
It was gross! Disgusting! And the smell. Ooh, the smell is absolutely deliciously horrible!
I picked and picked and picked.
Then I wonder
"eh, why isn't the water level going down yet? I've cleaned the bottom part of it. Should be slowly flowing out the drain by now"
And when I took a peep from the top of the pipe, something was stuck in there.
Put my finger in to poke it and holymacaroni!!!
That thing blocking the water from flowing out, was HARD! As in H A R D !!!
So, I took a small brush and this is what I pulled out:

I not only found fungus in the grease trap for the first time. I also found:
* Horse Penis, quoted from Adrian TBK *
and yeah, I actually texted Desmond K. via sms just to accept this picture I sent him on MSN.

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