Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bored. Bored. Bored.

I'm bored.
Connection in Starbucks SS15 is as lousy as ever!
Took me an hour to get all the photos below to upload.
Anyhoos, here are photos from my cousin's birthday.
Was supposed to blog about it long time ago but it kept slippin of my mind.
Hehe. =P
Here's him cuttin his 25th Birthday Cake from all of us. =)
So comel kan his facial expression?
Here's him, pullin out all the candle and ooh.
Jugs of beer!!
and Kok Kuan smokin'
I wonder how Guiness + Tiger taste like. LOL.
Apparantly, someone puked after going home. Teeheehee.
And and and.. I didnt eat the cake. =.=
Fruit cake isn't my liking. =)

and here's the family. =)
Two girls, One guy. Two sisters and a cousin who has no blood relation with us.
and I only knew it on that night.
Sadness. T_T

and here's US. (me + adz)
It's so fun to have a cousin who's a hitz cruiser.
All the freebies and f.o.c. movie tickets. Lalallala. =)

and here's another.
Yes, all three of us are darn close only I'm the quiet one. =P
oooh. He's one protective fella, I tell you. Haha.

there're more photos but I'll just have to upload them later.
Later as in when Adrian goes online and send them all to me.

Owh. I got bored yesterday too!
And one of my nail simply amazed me.
See this angle.

Now see this..

and this..
and finally, this! The clearest picture of them all.
Get the picture? My nail is amazingly bended on one side. -.-

and while I was getting a back massage, the BF decided to mess my hair up.
and he was taken away by how he managed to mess my hair so gorgeously. T__T
and ooh!
I finally gathered my guts and shyness to put on my leggings.
and I wore that to Mont Kiara.
stupid. >.<

My very favourite pointy heels!
Teehee! =)


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